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Hendersonville 2022-2023 Courses

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Astronomy/Anatomy 8:30am

4th-7th grade

Ancient Rome 10:00am

4th-7th grade

Waitlist Available

Art 12:00pm

4th-7th grade


Advanced 8th-12th grade

Located at Ebenezer Baptist Church in Hendersonville.

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What we do

What are our students saying??

"Getting to be with kids my age and having teachers that are actively helping us achieve our best is my favorite thing. My most enjoyable assignment with IGNITE is the scene stealer with other kids in Literature class. I am thankful to have learned the Bill of Right's true, practical, and ethical meaning along with other founding subjects. I am looking forward to Chemistry next year!"

"My favorite thing about IGNITE is that I get to learn and see my friends simultaneously. The most enjoyable assignment that I've worked on has been the Huckleberry Finn approach paper. I've learned so much about different types of essays and the correct format for each of them, which I believe will be extremely useful in the future. I'm also very excited to be doing Chemistry as well as British Literature next year."